Here's a FULL REPLAY of this weeks members zoom lesson...
Grab a guitar, find a quiet place, learn this awesome song.  It's a full length lesson packed with great guitar technique advice. Demonstrated at the start by our site member and singer Brian from the Berwick Upon Tweed on the England / Scotland border!
BUT... It's not just a basic lesson on the song, you'll also...
Learn some really cool folky jazzy chords, how to make them sound amazing by adding open strings and a solid John Martyn finger style pattern you can make your own.
Plus, for the lead players - How to solo the blues scale over the progression, ideas on soloing with tasty minor scale notes, plus a great trick to sound more pro by using some really nice arpeggio shapes! 
So, get a big screen, your guitar, the music sheet (link below) on view, turn it up and enjoy the lesson...
John Martyn TAB / Chord Sheet
I think Brian did a great job with that one. I often choose lesson topic's after hearing members songs in the regular zoom hangouts we have. 
We have 3 main types of members learning guitar at, all with 1 thing in common - A love and desire to know more about acoustic guitar music and an openness towards blues, folk and roots music.  
Three Main Types:
🎸 - Singers / guitarists who can play some folk, blues, pop or country songs but never learnt more exciting chords or arrangements to get out of first position. Those that never learnt or thought they could ever play lead guitar... UNTIL NOW! Brian is here to learn to solo and I know he's currently stuck into a great blues lead video course inside the site as I type! I'm pretty sure he's going to get a lot out of being here. 
🎸 - Those who know some lead but never managed to master whole songs or guitar arrangements.  Here to learn exactly what scales and notes to play when, how to get more fluid on the fretboard... and most importantly to get solid, focussed direction with real goals to aim for (I help you with that!).
🎸 - Total newbie's and "life long beginners" who never managed to learn full songs, many chords or how to solo. I'm so proud to have helped many players in this category develop quickly with the courses and lessons inside the site and through their attendance at the live lessons.  I've seen many improve more in the last 12 months than in the 30 years before - or so they tell me!
You can actually meet us all and become a part of this great group of guitar lovers. You'll start growing as a musician yourself by joining us today with the no risk 14 Day Free Trial. (Cancel anytime in the first 14 days and you wont pay a thing)
When you join, i'll get in touch to personally help you get on the right path. I'll advise you on which lesson or course I think would suit you first and welcome you into the awesome community. 
Any questions? Email me - [email protected] 
...or better still, join up and i'll be in touch with you!
Happy pickin'!
Chris Quinn
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