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  • 100's of multi ability kick ass studio filmed lessons covering all things Folk, Blues and Roots guitar

  • The weekly timetable of live online group zoom lessons and Q&As - suitable for all levels

  • A welcome 1/2/1 online lesson (whenever you feel ready) with me, Chris Quinn to get to know each other, check your technique and make a plan of what you want to achieve with your playing!

  • Access to the members forum - Meet other members, discuss gear, songs and music, network with like-minded players, watch the massive archive of live zoom lessons (over 40 hours and counting), upload your own performance videos for constructive feedback, suggest lesson ideas and get your questions answered!

  • The chance to win a Taylor Guitar worth over £1000, one of our site students will win it!

  • The upcoming 2021 Arts Council England funded "Masterclass Series". Take part in live zoom lessons with Q&A's and access exclusive studio filmed lessons and courses from some of the world's most celebrated acoustic guitarists!

  • Everything you need to not just understand music theory, but to play great songs and pieces using the right chords, the right rhythms and soloing techniques - For your own pleasure at home, with friends, at pub sessions and open mics or to get you fully gig fit! 

Thanks to Arts Council England for supporting the - "Masterclass Series"

FAQ: "What exactly will I learn?"... Watch the video...


Every Sunday in January members can take part in 2 different awesome live online zoom courses; 

"The Art of Blues Lead" & "All Time Classic Folk Songs"

Tuesday's is the weekly zoom lesson. I teach a classic song or technique lesson, (includes worksheets and playback videos). I answer any questions and give individual help along the way.

Tuesday zooms end with an informal group chat about music, lessons in the site, future lesson ideas and if you want to, member performances!

All zoom lessons are forever archived inside the site for you to watch back anytime.

Upcoming specialist zoom courses members get full access to include: 

  • Clapton Classics
  • BB King Workout
  • Simon & Garfunkel Classics
  • Swing Guitar Standards Using Authentic Chords
  • English Folk Guitar
  • Bluegrass Flatpicking

For the past 2 decades Chris' has spent his time building his career touring the amazing folk, roots, blues and jazz circuit across the UK, The European continent, the USA and Asia.

Along the way he's worked with many of the acoustic world's most celebrated guitar players (see picture below) and performed on some of the most acclaimed stages on the international scene.

He's played venues like London's Royal Albert Hall, The Cambridge Folk Festival, BB Kings Blues Club New York, Shrewsbury Folk Festival plus thousands of theatres, folk clubs, festivals, pubs, clubs and parties along the way.

When Jools Holland's tour manager heard Chris playing in his local bar Chris found himself spending the next two summers as the opening act for the Jools Holland Orchestra!!

Alongside his live music career Chris has taken out time to pass on knowledge and help other players learn the styles, techniques and lessons he's been lucky enough to learn often directly from his own heroes.

He's taught thousands of 1/2/1 lessons privately, in schools, music colleges and universities. He's given countless workshops and masterclasses at music festivals and Acoustic clubs.

And now in 2020 and beyond is not only a huge and growing library of Chris' valuable lessons taught and developed over the years, but it's also a way to help students progress with direct contact regardless of location. Absolutely the future of guitar learning...

Message from Chris!

"I'm so happy and proud of this site, it's been years in the planning and is now a large part of my life. The last 6 months since launch have been amazing, I can genuinely say it's the most exciting thing I've ever created!

Having taught in pretty much every situation I can honestly say this site is by far the best teaching resource I've ever had.  As Frank explains above, it can help you, regardless of your level, become a much more accomplished guitarist with a better understanding of music and sense of direction.

The fact we now have the technology to not just host an ever growing collection of tailored studio filmed lessons to watch in your own time, but I'm also running a timetable of live (and archived) online group lessons, I'm getting real time feedback and connection with students that are into the same type of music as me and I can help in a way that I couldn;t have done just a few years ago.

The classic folk, blues and roots music that I love, perform and teach is quite niche to be honest, I've traveled all over the UK and the world to areas where this music is more popular. The fact you're reading this suggests you probably are into it too.

One thing i've found over the years teaching guitar alongside toruing is not only is it often hard for guitarists to find a decent teacher in their home town or region specialising in this music but it's also hard for me to find the right students!
I love converting people and have done many times, but the internet means location is no longer an issue.

I'm getting to know and help folk, blues and roots guitar lovers all over the world.

I really hope you enjoy the site!!...

ps - if you have any questions before joining just email me here - [email protected] and I'll get back ASAP"

CONTACT CHRIS - [email protected]


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