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Steve - "I encourage anyone that see's this to join up and have a go"
Tabea - "6 months ago I couldn't play anything... then I joined Acoustic Masterclass and after a few weeks I could play my first songs..."
Mary - "It's a great site full of really useful resources and Chris Quinn is an encouraging and supportive teacher" 
John - "I could play the guitar, but I couldn't play the blues, then I discovered Chris Quinn courses!"
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I remember when I was first starting out, numerous books collected, chord symbols I didn't know, songs I loved that seemed almost impossible to play.
It took me decades to discover that by far the fasted way to learn is to be shown by someone who can already play what I need to know!
I genuinely wish a site like this one existed when I was in my first 10 years of learning (which is why I built it).
There were no local teachers who could play and teach this stuff :(
I wanted to learn blues, folk, acoustic technique, country, finger-style, how to really play with a pick...  I wanted to know the theory and how it all works.  
I loved all that good acoustic blues and folk music, Robert Johnson, Clapton, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Ry Cooder, Richard Thompson, Hendrix, BB King, etc, etc, etc!...
I was lucky enough to be gigging for a living from a young age, I I started out busking, then onto local pubs, playing blues, folk, bluegrass, swing, my own songs and often pop, Beatles, modern stuff, anything to pay the bills!!
One thing I struggled with was playing really solid, pro sounding parts (even though I was getting away with it!) 
In my late 20's I was lucky enough to start playing with some of my personal guitar heroes, I toured across the USA, Europe and Asia
- I still perform over 100 concerts per year internationally alongside running AcousticMasterclass.com.
My playing dramatically improved at this point as through regular gigs and rehearsals I was shown the "secrets" by literally some of the best players in the planet. 
I'm really not trying to brag by saying this...
The aim of this amazing online academy is for me to  be able to share these secrets and skills with you and help you become the player you should be... as fast as possible!
I teach the way I and almost all pros I've met learnt. I show you the chords to a particular song we are working on that week... slowly.
Then I'll reveal to you some really nice things you can do with the chords to make it sound more advanced, bass lines, fils, riffs, passing chords. How to create a really solid guitar part...
If it's a lead lesson, we take it right back to basics. Which scale? Which position is best on the neck? How can I immediately sound good without risking playing the wrong notes? 
Once that's understood, how can we expand on it?... 
There are many methods to spice up your soloing, to sound cool and to really start understanding guitar. 
When you join and start regularly attending, these methods will be slowly and systematically revealed to you in a way that sinks in.
If you want to learn to play in a day, this isn't the place for you...
But if you are willing to put in the work and practice, attend the weekly lessons when you can then over the weeks, months and hopefully years you'll make steady and drastic progress.
I've seen it happen to 100's of students over the years and I love sharing the art of great guitar with like minded people. It's almost as big a buzz as playing the Royal Albert Hall! ;)
Most players I meet have never learnt this way and are forever destined to noodling around the basic patterns with one or two strumming patterns... 
Fair enough but those players will never turn heads in the jam or get onto that next level. 
That's what this site is all about!
Thank you for reading and if you like the sound of it, I've even set it up so you can try before you buy!..
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STOP!! In Other News!!...
There are still a few spots available for the upcoming 2024 Guitar Retreats...
These tend ti sell out pretty fast so please be quick! 
It's your chance join me and a group of like minded blues lovers for a week of all things blues! Workshops, group playing, jams, public performances and way more...
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Chris's solo performances have been described by fellow musicians as "a masterclass in acoustic guitar", his songs have been critically acclaimed in publications such as Acoustic Magazine and SONGLiNES and his recordings have received airplay on radio stations across the world including Mark Radcliffe's benchmark show the BBC Radio 2 Folk Show. 

As a teacher Chris has taught in most professional settings, from schools to music colleges and universities. Currently he gives live residential retreats and workshop weekends on blues, folk, jazz and acoustic guitar throughout the year.

Chris also teaches at the IGF Summer School in Bath, England as the acoustic course teacher. This is set up by the editors of Guitarist and Guitar Techniques Magazine. 

Nowadays Chris does most of his teaching via this site. It's an incredible place for guitarists wanting to improve fast, get real personal coaching and get in tap access to the learning resources. Amazingly because of the technology it's possible at the fraction of the cost of a 1/2/1 but has far more value to the discerning student. 

Away from tuition when performing live Chris' solo gigs often cover most things that sit within the genre's of folk, blues and roots music.

Original songs, delta blues, bluegrass flatpicking (honed from numerous USA tours), Americana,  Celtic ballad, finger-style pieces, intricate DADGAD workouts, hot jazz swing guitar, ragtime, contemporary blues and more.

When not playing alone Chris is often seen performing alongside many of the planet's most celebrated guitarists such as Robin Nolan, Clive Carroll, John Doyle, Martin Taylor, Paulus Schäfer and Stochelo Rosenberg.

Visit Chris' Official Website CLICK HERE

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